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Transportation and storage

When transporting electric motors it is essential to protect the product from potenetial damage. The electric motors must be stored indoors and in a dry environment. When storing the electric motors in an outdoors environment, the motors must be sealed from the surrounding environment. The motors must not be transported or stored in a way that the ventilation cover is carrying the weight of the electric motor.


When attaching the powertrain of the electric motor, only specialised tools are allowed. It is allowed to preheat the axis component. Never use hammer!

All powertrain rotating components must be balanced dynamically. The rotor is also balanced dynamically.

The electric motor must be placed in a way that there will be no excessive vibration. The drive and clutch must be assembled very accurately. There must be no stress on the components’ materials.

The cooling intake and exhaust must be left uncovered to ensure proper cooling. The electric motor must be placed away from walls and doors. In outdoors environments it is important to cover the electric motor from snow, ice and rain.


All tasks must be fulfilled only by workers with the corresponding qualification.
The supply voltage must be compared to what is stated on the information label.
Choose appropriate cables depending on the rated voltage.

When turning on the electric motor, use DC restrictive fuses, even when the switch is Δ / Y. Electric motors with temperature sensors should be connected to their corresponding devices.

Check the direction of rotation. If it’s necessary to change the direction of the rotation, switch the arrangement of the wiring of the two phases.

Junction box

Check that:

  • bolts are fixed (both sides terminal block)
  • there are no foreign objects inside the junction box
  • the wires are isolated securely
  • seals are securely in place

Before starting any maintenance or repair work, make sure the electric motor is turned off. When working with the electric motors, it is required to take specialised safety measures. To avoid overloading the electric motor, it is important to check the voltages before starting the electric motor.

Secondly, check the isolation of the electric motor coil. The resistance of the isolation at 25 °C must be rated at 5MΩ or more. If the resistance of the isolation falls below the recommended value, it is recommended to dry the electric motor, as excessive humidity might cause the loss in resistance.


All maintenence work must be done in a specialised workshop.
Electric motors must be kept clean in a way that excessive dust, oil or other pollutants will not cause a failiure. It is recommended to check that:
electric motor is operating quietly without any excessive vibration
the stress on V-belt is normal
the cooling fan is operating ordinarily

Ball bearings

All ball bearings of the electric motors are high quality (FAG, SKF, NSK, INA), ball enclosed on both sides. We guarantee:

  • 40 000 hours of operation through the clutch, without any stress on the axis. Positioned horisontally.
  • 20 000 hours of operation when placed under the maximum load allowed on the axis.

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