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We stress that all works related to the electric motors must be carried out by personnel with specialised training (VDE 0105, IEC 364). Working with electric motors without the according qualification can lead to physical injuries and financial damages. It is required to follow corresponding laws within the Republic of Estonia and the technical specification of the electric motors.

Terms of use

The electric motors are used in a wide variety of industrial equipment. The electric motors are in accordance with DIN/EN 60034 (VDE 0530) standards. It is forbidden to use the electric motors in explosive environment if not specified differently (check commercial documentation). If the electric motor is used in a household, it is required to restrict access for children and unauthorised persons.

The electric motors operate within the temperature of -20 °C to + 40 °C and not higher than 1000 metres above sea level. In other cases, it is recommended to check with the corresponding datasheet. Electric motors are (according to 89/392 / EMÜ) part of machinery. The end product must be in accordance with standard EN 60204-1.

Transportation, storage

The transporter must ensure that the electric motors are undamaged, otherwise it is not allowed to operate the motors. The eye bolt lifting must be secured firmy.

The electric motors are secured with additional screws when transported. The electric motors must be kept in a dry and dust-free environment. It is required to avoid excessive vibration (v eff <0,2 mm / s; potential damage to ball bearings). When storing the electric motors for long terms, ball bearings should be greased every 12 months.

Mechnanical assembly

The mounting feet and flanges must be installed accurately in accordance with the regulations. Move the rotor by hand and pay attention to potential resistance or irregular noise. Check the direction of the rotation in the whole system.

When working with moving parts (wheels, belts, sleeves etc) it is required to use only specified tools. Avoid inccorect V-belt tension. Then installing the drive system, double check the balancing of all moving components! It is recommeneded that the cooling intake/exhaust is protected from any potential falling objects and shielded with a special cover.

Pay attention to the effectiveness of the cooling. The cooling intake must not be covered in any way. After 12 months of storage, it is required to check the condition of the ball bearings. If necessary, provide a layer of greasing.

Electrical connections

All works must be carried out by only qualified personnel. When necessesary, it must be possible to disconnect the electric motor from the power sourcce.

Make sure that electrical work is only carried out by authorised personnel!

Maximum deviation tolerances (DIN/EN 60034-1 / IEC 34-1) are voltage +/- 5% and frequency +/- 2%, power cables must have suffiecient connection and screws in place firmy, to ensure constant power; cables must be isolated in accordance with the regulations.

Connecting the terminal (motor)

Spiral M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M16
Torque (Nm) 0,8–1,2 1,8–2,5 2,7–4 5,5–8 9–13 16–20 36–40

The distance between the ground and two not isolated power cables must not be smaller than 10 mm (n = 750V).

The junction box must not have any foreign objects, the box must be clean and dry. Unused ports need to be sealed. The junction box must be made dust and water resistant.

Ensuring the reliability of the electric motor

Vibration v eff > 3,5 mm / s (P N <15kW) or eff > 4,5 mm / s (P N > 15 kW) is not allowed. Should a vibration occur, the electric motor must be switched off. This can be a result of excessive heat, noise or vibration. Please check the possible cause and get in touch with us.

Keep the electric motor clean. All water condensation openings must be unrestricted.

According to the manufacturer documentation, the greasing of the ball bearings need to be replaced within a 3 year time frame.

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